You know yourself best! That’s why all my services are designed to follow your lead. That means YOU decide when and how often to make appointments. It also means that each service is in support of your goals.

My goal is to help you live the life you wish to live.

There is no evidence that change happens on a linear, week to week basis … and thus, weekly appointments are not required. Change may happen quickly or it may take a while.

When working with an “on-demand” psychotherapist or coach, you control when and how often you wish to work on any specific issue or problem. Simply book an appointment whenever you want to work on anything that is causing distress in your life.



Online therapy or coaching works almost exactly like seeing a therapist or coach in-person. The only difference is that appointments happen online, which has numerous benefits …

  • TIME SAVINGare you busy and don’t have the time to come or travel to sessions?
  • MONEY SAVINGare travel, time and session costs prohibitive to see a therapist in-person?
  • FLEXIBLEfit your sessions in between your child care, work, and other responsibilities
  • ACCESSIBLE – access services from anywhere at a time convenient to you.
  • SAFE & SECURE– many people are more at ease talking from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a secure Internet connection and a space to talk freely.



You may be wondering if you need a therapist … or if a coach would be more appropriate for your lifestyle. In reality, you could probably answer “yes” to both.

With growth in the fields of psychotherapy and coaching, there often isn’t much of a discernible difference between them. You will find both psychotherapists and coaches working from “positive psychology” or “solution-focused” approaches that are future-oriented and focus more on your strengths and goals than on your past.

One major difference is that psychotherapy is often regulated by each individual state, whereas coaching is not. As a psychotherapist, I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) in California and practice under the laws of the State of California. As a Board Certified Coach, I work internationally.

Book a free consultation to see if online coaching or therapy is appropriate for you and your personal situation


 Please note: Not all issues may be appropriate for online work. I can help advise you if online therapy or coaching may be the right thing for you. 

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